The Mayor vs. the Mogul
July/August 2015

When Mike Bloomberg left City Hall in 2014, few people expected him to return to the nitty-gritty of running his secretive, chaotic media kingdom. But he did. An examination of a $9 billion identity crisis.

How to Lose $100 Million: The Undoing of Tina Brown
May/June 2014

What happens when you take a dying newsweekly, a web startup, a billionaire media mogul and a freakout-prone celebrity editor and put them together? Bad things, generally. Historically bad things. An after-action report on what might be the last great magazine flameout.

UFC Tries To Prove It's Capable Of A Knockout
Fast Company
November 18, 2012

The UFC turned an ultra-violent spectacle banned throughout the country into a sanctioned competition with mass appeal. Mixed Martial Arts is now one of the country's fastest-growing sports. And the UFC has become one of the world's most valuable sports franchises, with annual revenue approaching $600 million. But the company is at a critical juncture. Can the UFC join the country's major sports leagues?

The Gray Market of Ground Zero Memorabilia
September 8, 2011

Nine million tourists visit Lower Manhattan each year, and a large number of them stop at Ground Zero. Many leave with souvenirs. Around the World Trade Center site, there's a bustling gray market, one dominated by picture books filled with photos of planes exploding and buildings crumbling.

Trouble in the House of Redstone
Boston Magazine
December 2009

Starting with nothing more than a local theater chain and a streak of ambition, the Redstones built a media empire that ultimately would span the globe—then spent years fighting over it. Now the family is engaged in its biggest battle yet, between Sumner Redstone and his enigmatic daughter, Shari. Is this the final act for one of the great Boston business dynasties?

What Nau?
GOOD Magazine
October 2008

With a plan to donate five percent of its profits to charity and rely on sustainable, environmentally friendly materials, the innovative clothing company Nau was supposed to transform the apparel industry. Instead, it imploded. Survivors of the original company are now trying to sew the pieces back together.

Poking Facebook
02138 Magazine
November 2007

Harvard dropout Mark Zuckerberg created one of the most trafficked sites on the Web and became a billionaire as a result. But ongoing lawsuits suggest that Facebook's origins are murkier than Zuckerberg would like to admit.